Born in a family having rich legacy of music,Atul received this cultural heritage from his family. Atul's grandmother   late Smt.Manik Bhat  was a disciple of Gwalior Gharana exponent Pt.Vinayakrao Patwardhan, Pt.Bal Mate, Pt.Haribhau Deshpande and Shri.Chandrashekhar Deshpande.

She carried forward this  musical legacy of Gwalior Gharana and Balgandharva Gayaki to her daughter and Atul's Mother Mrs.Manasi Khandekar , who herself is a well known vocalist and ‘A’ graded artiste of All India Radio and disciple of Pt.Gangadharbua Pimpalkhare, Dr.Shobha Abhyankar and Dr.Veena Sahasrabuddhe.

Since 1997 Atul is learning music under the tutelage of internationally acclaimed vocalist of Gwalior gharana Dr.Veena Sahasrabuddhe. Who taught Atul various aspects of Gwalior Gayaki, Laykari, Meend, Taan Kriya etc.

Atul also received training in natyasangeet (theatrical music) from well known stage actresses and vocalists late Smt.Jaymalabai Shiledar and Smt.Keerti Shiledar, Smt.Jaymalabai groomed Atul with new approach to the style of Balgandharva (Gandharva Gayaki).

Atul was very reluctant to perform as an actor on stage but it was Smt.Jaymalabai and her family, carved   Atul to this aspect . with their blessings and inborn talent Atul has performed as a leading role in famous musical dramas like Sangeet Saubhadra and Sangeet Suvarnatula

He further performed in Sanskrit versions of Sangeet Manapman and Sangeet samshaykallol for Aakashwani, and well appreciated by music lovers.

Atul also took guidance in Bhavsangeet (light music) from late.Shri.Gajananrao watve, a well known singer of his era, and he also took guidance in light classical forms of music like Thumari, Dadra from Smt.Ashwini Tilak and Smt.Shashikala Shirgopikar. 

He also took guidance from the disciple of Pt.Jitendra Abhisheki, Shri.Hemant Pendse.

A 'B high' graded artiste of All India Radio, Atul has performed in many prestigious music festivals all over India. All his performances have been appreciated by critics as well as music lovers.

Though A classical singer Atul has designed 2 conceptual programs namely 'Santarangi Rangata' (Compositions based on various saints) and 'To Rajhansa Ek' (An audio-visual program on legendary Balgandharva)

Both these unique programs are well appreciated by renowned artistes as well as music lovers.

A civil engineer by profession Atul is emerging as a new talent in the field of Indian Music.



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