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I am happy to endorse Atul Ravindra Khandekar's website as one of his gurus. When his mother was learning from me, Atul, then 4 or 5 years old, amazingly sat quietly through her class! Subsequently he became my direct student for many years. Atul continues to retain the style he learnt from me.

I am extremely pleased with the progress he has made as a performer. I give him my best wishes for a bright future as a Hindustani classical vocalist.

Veena Sahasrabuddhe

Pune, 12th July 2014 (Gurupournima)


I have seen atul right from his childhood. His mother manasi used to come to my mother jaymala shiledar to take training in natyasangeet. Atul also used to accompany his mother. I used to admire his liking for music right from his childhood.

His command over sur, lay and notations made me very glad. He has got solid base in Hindustani classical music. He is a very hardworker.

Afterwards he used to come quite often to my mother jaymala shiledar to take training in natyasangeet. I also trained him for some stage songs. He also played in some of our musical dramas as a lead singing actor. But his real liking is in music concerts.

Now he is coming up very fast as singer artist. He has prepared and performed a special musical show on baalgandharv which showed his studious nature and it was a grand success.

He has developed his style with great faith in his gurus after putting hard work and hearing to lot of musical concerts and recordings from veterans.

He is honest and sincere devotee of shree dattatrey and shree swami Samarth who has always blessed him.

I render my best wishes for his further success towards a position as a great singer from the heart of my heart.

 Keerti Shiledar.

Pune, 29th August 2014 (Ganesh Chaturthi)

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