To Rajhansa Ek...

‘To Rajhansa Ek… is a conceptual audio-visual program dedicated to legendary Balgandharva,  the famous Natyasangeet  exponent and martahi stage personality and disciple of Pt.Bhaskarbua Bakhale, who said to be living legend till date.

Atul, the creator and vocalist of this unique program presents the various aspects of Balgandharva and ‘Gandharva Gayaki’

With the accompaniment of Tabla, Organ , Violin and Pakhwaj the traditional accompanying instruments  and traditional fragrance of Attar (scent) and Dhup  mesmerizes us to the ‘Balgandharva Era’.

Thoughts and Memories of Balgandharva  shared through audio-visual medium by well known stage personality and vocalist Smt.Jaymalabai Shiledar  and her daughter vocalist Kirti Shiledar, granddaughter in law of Pt.Bhaskarbua Bakhale, Shaila Datar has added a classic flavor to this program.


This program also features rare audio-video recording of Balgandharva. Audio speech of Balgandharva about his gurubandhu, famous Master Krishnarao., Pt.Kumar Gandharva’ speech about ‘Balgandharva Gayaki’.   


Atul’s wonderfull presentation of Balgandharva Gayaki alongwith rare  clippings has made this program a very special.


This unique program is very well appreciated by renowned artistes as well as music lovers from Maharashtra and Goa.






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